Thursday, February 16, 2012

Muppets Return!

When you were little you couldn't wait till Saturday Morning for the Muppet show to come on. It talks about valuable life lessons and sharing, teamwork and friendship. The Muppet reuioun was found by a famous actor Jason Segel, who is also stars in the movie and co-write the script. Jason pitched the idea to Disney. When everybody heard that the Muppets were making a movie they were really excited. Its the Muppets 10 year anniversary. The Muppets movie raised over ten million dollars in a few days. The movie features two comedic superstars name Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris and also has a lot of good songs for little kids. Some of the same characters from the Muppet Show were stiil in the Muppet movie and they were still funny, lovable and endearing but, some voices change. Hope ypu guys want to go see the 1970 classic the Muppet movie:)

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